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Article 5:

“Matters of Trust and Honesty

Can you trust Dalton McGuinty to be honest ?

Can you trust Dalton McGuinty not to raise taxes (again)?


In December of 2003, Howard Hampton pointed out to Dalton McGuinty that prior to the 2003 election the Liberal party knew there was a deficit in Ontario:

Mr. Hampton: “And you didn't mind speculating during the election campaign about promises for health and education when your then finance critic (Greg Sorbara) said in June that there was a $5-billion deficit and your now Minister of Public Security (Monte Kwinter) said in August that there was a $5-billion deficit.”

As we can see, the Liberal party KNEW there was a $5B deficit in Ontario.

Fast forward to November 2004, the PC leader of the opposition asks: “You put your signature to two solemn promises… One, not to increase taxes; and two, if you felt it was necessary to increase taxes, you would not do so without the explicit consent of Ontario voters. Premier, we've heard your excuses for breaching a signed contract with respect to tax increases. Why did you also break your second signed promise, your commitment to seek the consent of Ontario voters?”

McGuinty replied:The mistake we made on this side of the House was that we relied on a government financial document: the quarterly statement issued by that then government -- this was released, by the way, just three weeks prior to the election being called -- a document that specifically stated that there was no deficit, that the budget was balanced Doing our due diligence as much as we could, we estimated they were hiding a $2-billion deficit. Never did we in our wildest nightmares suspect they would be hiding close to a $6-billion deficit.”

So the Liberals knew prior to the election that there was a $5B deficit yet once elected it was something they didn’t even suspect in their ‘wildest nightmares’.

You be the judge dear reader: the Hansards clearly show the McGuinty Liberals LIED when they promised not to raise taxes and then LIED again about the deficit being a surprise. Do you trust them to really mean it this time when they claim they won’t raise taxes again?

A vote for the Liberals is a vote for higher taxes, as history has shown again and again: “A very good predictor of the future is what has happened in the past” – Dalton McGuinty, April 04, 2011.

“You Dalton McGuinty must have been the only person in Ontario who didn’t know there was a deficit” – Howard Hampton

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