Contributed by “Overtaxed Thaigrr”

“Laughing at taxpayers”

The list of scandals during McGuinty’s tenure does not seem to end and is certainly long enough to pave the road from Toronto to Vancouver.

Can Ontario afford another 4 more years of this? Here is the Liberal record thus far :

      - The EHealth scandal
      - The slush fund scandal
      - The lottery corp scandals
      - The CancerCare scandal
      - The MPAC scandal
      - The Children’s Aid scandal
      - The hospital consultants scandal
      - The Niagara Parks Commission scandal
      - The tire tax
      - The electronics tax
      - The cheap beer surtax
      - The hidden hydro tax
      - The planned hidden gas tax
      - The ‘smart meter’ tax
      - The ‘Eco’ tax
      - The auto pension bailouts
      - The Nortel pension bailouts
      - No reduction in HST despite $4.3 Billion from the feds
      - The forcing of WSIB on all construction owners
      - The staggering increase in the Sunshine List
      - The failure at Caledonia
      - Selling out to the teachers & civic unions
      - The blatant Nanticoke lie
      - The squandering of record revenues
      - The nanny-state banning of nearly everything
      - The public funding of sex-changes while de-listing eye exams phsyio & chiro
      - The  billion-dollar-per-year burden of Family Day
      - The billion-dollar flip-flop on The Oakville gas plant
      - Saddling rate-payers with billions in subsidies to Samsung & Ikea
      - The Ombudsman/Auditor-General condemnations
      - Turning Hydro into a luxury for the rich
      - The by-election briberies
      - The refusal to correct foreign ownership of our beer market
      - The outrageous property assessments
      - The stifling of private health services
      - The illegal and unconstitutional secret G20 law
      - The acceptance of  garbage-striker extortion
      - The harassing labour inspectors
      - The idiotic preoccupation with homosexuality lessons for third-graders
      - Dumping the blue box program onto small businesses
      - Imposing blood alcohol rules that punish the innocent
      - The $58 Million ‘severance’ to tax-collectors who didn’t miss a single day’s work
      - Socialized daycare
      - Canceling the ‘mandatory’ LHIN review & giving their CEO’s $15000 raises
      - The failure at Caledonia
      - Sneaking tax-dollars into Liberals campaign team coffers
      - Raising tuition & auto insurance to highest in Canada
      - Sinking Ontario into Have-Not status.

This is the government that gives itself a standing ovation after announcing it will run tens of billions in deficit. This is the government that has increased spending by 70% while the economy has grown by only 7%.

What have they done with this massive extra spending? They’ve tripled the public sector Sunshine List while announcing ongoing deficits for the entire next decade. This is a government of flagrant entitlement abuse where hundreds of liberal ministerial staff members use surreptitious means to pay themselves twice the legal salaries (Google ‘Ron Sapsford salary’ for example).

This is the government that has rammed social engineering down our throats by replacing our freedoms with the nanny-state regulation of nearly everything. This is the government that has turned hydro into a luxury for the rich. This is the government that has condemned every single driver under the age of 22 as an irresponsible drunkard. This is the government that has done more fiscal damage to Ontario than every preceding government combined.

The McGuinty’s Liberals have single-handedly DOUBLED Ontario’s debt. They have already added $15,000 in new debt for every household in Ontario. All on the backs of our children, who will have to pay it off when interest rates are much higher.
Do you remember all McGuinty’s promises ?

      “I promise not to raise taxes”
      “We will live by the balanced budget law”
      “There will be no tire tax, everyone got that”?
      “We will close Nanticoke by 2007”
      “We will not reduce health services for Ontarians”
      “Every penny of the health premium will go into health care”

      None were kept.

Could there possibly be a worse choice? Anyone But McGuinty!

                              Overtaxed Thaigrr



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