Solar Fiasco

Another fiasco of the McGuinty Liberal government is the solar power initiative that was supposed to be part of the green energy plan. To that end, roughly 20,000 farmers were awarded contracts to place solar panels on their properties.

In early February 2011, McGuinty cancelled the contracts to about 1000 of them arguing lack of “transmission capacity” and leaving them high and dry with the investments they made. This was on top of the slap in the face to farmers last year when McGuinty reduced the kWh rate for solar power from the promised 80.2 cents per kWh to only 58.8 cents. After a backlash from farmers, he settled on a compromise rate of 64.2 cents.

This is another proof that McGuinty government is practicing on the fly policy setting and blatant evidence of incompetence.

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