On July 1st, 2010, The McGuinty Liberal Government introduced the HST tax, which puts an additional 8% tax on many consumer items such as:

    - Gasoline
    - Hydro
    - Natural Gas

This is a tax on the middle class and the poor. It is hurting the Ontario economy. We are paying  a significantly larger percentage of our after tax income through this levy.

McGuinty is claiming that he is softening the introduction of the HST with rebate cheques of $1000 ($300 only if you are single & qualify). Our math shows that this will only dampen the first $12,500 ($1000/0.08) of expenses ($3750 for singles).

Any expenses above that level are an 8% bonus revenue for the provincial coffers. His cheques will help only those who qualify for rebates (check the rules below). This clearly another McGuinty spin that does not hold water.

More info on this issue can be found here:



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