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Article 6:

“Reckless Promises and Reckless Spending”

From the May 30, 2011 Hansard, Dalton Mr. McGuinty replies to a question from Norm Miller:

Hon. Norm Miller: Mr. Norm Miller: My question is to the Premier. An Ontario PC government will attack waste and rein in runaway spending. Premier McGuinty will not. Hell just raise taxes again to pay for his reckless spending sprees, like his secret deals with public sector union bosses.

Premier, Ontario families make sacrifices to pay your tax increases, only to find out you throw money away on secret raises and secret bonuses, the latest being a secret bonus to get jail guards to show up for work. It’s not a matter of if there will be more reckless spending on secret deals, but who’s next and how much?

Why should Ontario families pay millions for you to spend recklessly on your sweetheart deals?

Hon. Dalton McGuinty: “If we’re going to use the word “reckless,” I think we have to use it in the context of those 228 promises, and I think we have to use it to describe that $10-billion hole that’s going to put our fragile economic recovery at risk. It’s going to put the progress that we’ve achieved together in our schools and our health care at risk.

I don’t think Ontarians want to go there. I think they want to keep moving forward. I think they want to keep building together. I think they’re tired of the past. They’ve work so hard to get their schools back on track, they’ve worked so hard to get their health care back and they’ve worked so hard together to get our economy back on track.

They want to keep moving forward. They want to continue to be optimistic. They want to continue to be positive. They see a bright future ahead for themselves, their children and their grandchildren. They know that the way to get there is not through anger, envy and resentment; it’s by continuing to build together.”

Here are the thoughts of an Ontario business owner:

1) McGuinty is the last one in the world who should talk about ‘reckless promises’.
2) If there is a monetary ‘hole’, it is because of the staggering Liberal deficit.
3) The Liberals don’t move Ontario ‘forward’; they move Ontario ‘deeper’…
4) Yes, Ontarians are ‘tired of the past’. We are very tired of the past 8 years which have made life unaffordable for everyone outside of the unions and the public sector.
5) Actually, we do not at all see a very ‘bright future’ for our children & grandchildren, since the Liberals have doubled the debt for them to pay off, when interest rates will be much higher.

The Hansard dialogue on which this article was based can be found here:

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